About Our Robo-Advisor

The Imfingo Robo-Advisor is your planning partner, here to help you understand and simplify the complexities of your personal finance and wealth so that you may achieve your goals of home ownership, income, kids, savings, investments, college, retirement and more.

Fabric for Success

Woven into the Imfingo Robo-Advisor are the fundamentals and principles of financial and wealth success.

A minimum of $25K per year adjusted regionally based on the cost of living is required for an adult to scrape by. An additional 60% is required for a partner and 50% for a dependent in the same household. Ref

A maximum of 80% of your income should go towards expenses, with 50% towards needs expenses and 30% towards wants expenses.

A minimum of 80% of pre retirement expenses will be needed to fund your retirement.

A maximum of 28% of your gross income should go towards your housing, including rent or mortgage, insurance, taxes and maintenance.

You should have a maximum percentage of 90 - Age of net worth in real estate. Ref

Your debt to asset ratio should ideally be under 0.5, with a max of 0.8. Ref

You should have a minimum net worth of your Age x Income / 10. Ref

You may have reached financial independence when 4% of your total savings and investments at retirement can be safely withdrawn each year to cover your expenses, and still have sufficient savings down the road. Ref

A minimum of 20% of your income should go towards long term financial goals, including any additional debt repayments that reduce your total debt principal and consequently your future interest cost.


Your debt to equity ratio should ideally be under 1, with a max of 4. Ref

A maximum of 36% of your gross income should go towards servicing debt. Ref

With advice updating each time you make a change in the app, your modelling experience becomes immersive, interactive and educational, ultimately allowing you to fine tune your financial and wealth model towards your most successful outcomes.