Imfingo - Rule Your Personal Finance and Wealth like a Pro

Personal Finance and Wealth like a Pro!

You have plenty to lose in future without a little planning. Skip the high fee financial advisor and get answers now.

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Imfingo - Personal Finance and Wealth like a Pro
Smarter personal finance and wealth choices sooner.

Answers You Need

With rising costs of living, stagnant earnings, low savings, record debt and now Covid-19, the health of our personal finance is increasingly important. Skip the high priced financial advisor and get answers to all the most frequently asked questions. Our app is for those that seek financial success and independence without the hassle of high fees and biased advice.
  • What you'll be worth in future
  • Whether you're earning enough
  • What your home will be worth in future
  • How much house you can afford
  • What you're currently worth
  • How to afford a vacation, car, boat or kid's college
  • How soon you can retire
  • Whether you're saving enough
  • How getting married and having kids will affect things
  • Whether you have too much debt
  • What makes up your expenses
  • Whether you’re spending too much

Screenshot: Real Time Calculation and Advice - Imfingo Wealth App

Real Time Calculation and Advice

All the Important Stuff

Unlike popular expense tracker or credit score apps that focus on only one part of your finance today, our app takes your important information and builds a virtual and interactive model of your future finance and wealth in the cloud.

Your Home










Screenshot: Dynamic Reporting with Charts and Data Models - Imfingo Wealth App

Dynamic Reporting with Charts and Data

How It Works

We'll guide you through things to give you insight into your future wealth. Our technology is visually interactive with real time advice from the Imfingo Robo-Advisor so you understand the impact of each change you make. You'll be able to simulate buying a home, cars, taking vacations, getting married, having kids and current events like Covid-19.


We first create a personal model of your future wealth based on your most important financial information.


We then work together to improve your future based on better personal finance and wealth choices.


You can then compare your future wealth scenarios, compare yourself to others and start taking action.

  • Intelligent robo advisor
  • Visually interactive
  • Set goals
  • Compare models
  • Real time modelling
  • Adaptive controls
  • Simulate future events
  • Adaptive evaluation
  • Available on any device
  • Insightful charts and data models
  • Compare yourself to others
  • In the cloud

You can use our app through any web browser on any of your devices with an Internet connection.

Screenshot: Accurate Input Based Calculation - Imfingo Wealth App

Accurate Input Based Calculation

Private & Secure

We recognize how sensitive your financial information is, which is why we enable you to plan privately from where you feel safest. Our app communicates over a secure encrypted layer and all information is stored securely in the world's most advanced cloud service. You can also use it as a Guest (default) and remain completely anonymous.