Smart Features

Get loads of features with the freedom and privacy you need to plan your future finance and wealth.

Whole Picture

Unlike popular expense tracker or credit score apps that focus on only one part of your finance today, our app takes your important information and builds a virtual and interactive model of your whole future finance and wealth in the cloud.

Your Home Savings Investments College Income Expenses Assets Debt Retirement Total

Intelligent Wealth Advisor

Say hello to your planning partner, here to help you understand and simplify the complexities of your personal finance and wealth so that you may achieve your goals of home ownership, income, kids, savings, investments, college, retirement and more. All advice is based on common personal finance and wealth fundamentals and principles available for free in the public domain.

Interactive Real-Time Modeling

Unlike a conventional financial advisor that presents you with a fait accompli, we put you in the driver's seat so you learn the controls of your personal finance and wealth and understand how you got to the outcome. You'll get updated reports and advice with each input change you make. You can test various scenarios and simulate events.

Test & Compare

Understanding consequences of decisions and choices is vital to best outcome determination. Compare your scenarios as you go and compare to others anonymously to benchmark your success.

Private & Secure

We recognize how sensitive your financial information is, which is why we enable you to plan privately from your space. Our app communicates over a secure encrypted layer and all information is stored securely in the world's most advanced cloud service.

Any Device

You can use our responsive web app through any web browser on any of your devices with an Internet connection.

Zero Entry

Personal finance and wealth is complicated, we know. We've tried to make our app zero entry so that anyone can start using it. You can discover more advanced features as you get more comfortable.