About Us

Why Personal Finance and Wealth

With rising costs of living, stagnant earnings, low savings, record debt and now Covid-19, the health of personal finance is increasingly concerning. Without our health, we have little. That goes for our financial health too. We reduce the unhealthy emotional stress of personal finance and wealth through a balanced approach that involves planning, modeling, managing and taking action from the privacy and security of your own personal space in your own time.

Who It's For

Anyone can use our app, whether you're single, have a partner and with or without dependents. Your best chance of financial success and freedom starts when you're young and have all those big decisions ahead - your career, a marriage, kids, a home, cars, college and retirement. If you are part of generation X, Y or Z, then this is definitely for you. If you're a Boomer, then share it with your kids - they will love you for it!

Who We Are

Imfingo was founded by Julian Houlding, a serial web innovator and developer with decades of startup business experience, and a passion and enthusiasm for personal finance and wealth. We are located on stunning Vancouver Island, Canada. A serene place of oceans, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountains and wildlife. We have teamed up with Innovation Island, a startup accelerator helping us bring behavioral and science driven fintech innovation to everyone.