Get Answers You Really Need About Your Personal Finance and Wealth

Personal finance and wealth is complicated, we know. Imfingo helps you get answers to the most frequently asked questions that you actually need to be successful with your personal finance and wealth planning. Our app updates in real-time with personal wealth advice so that you can learn consequences of your choices.


  • What you'll be worth in future
  • Whether you're earning enough
  • What your home will be worth in future
  • How much house you can afford
  • What you're currently worth
  • How to afford a vacation, car, boat or kid's college
  • How soon you can retire
  • What a better rate of return can do
  • Whether you're saving enough
  • How getting married and having kids will affect things
  • Whether you have too much debt
  • What makes up your expenses
  • Whether you’re spending too much
  • How an inheritance will change things
  • How to eliminate debt
  • How inflation will impact your outcome